Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Leah, Who is One Today

On your birth day, snow was falling in early morning dark
Today, it’s raining

On your birth day, we who already loved you
Finally got to meet you

On your birth day, there were other birth days, too
Your Eema, your Abba, and so many whose hearts are filled with you

On your birth day, you were impossibly tiny in hands
That felt clumsy just holding you

Today, you show signs of the little girl
Who soon will be running around the house

On your birth day, you knew Eema’s and Abba’s voices
Today, you beam and chatter to everyone you love

On your birthday, you became your Eema’s world
Today, we see that the world really is yours,
And we’re discovering it anew right along with you

On your birth day, we kissed you and cuddled you
Today, you seek us out to offer your own sweet kisses

On your birth day, our lives changed forever
Today, we cannot imagine life without you

Happy, happy birthday, beautiful Leah!

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